Frequently Asked Questions

ExpandTeam's in-house professionals will understand your company's custom expansion requirements and provide an end-to-end solution to help build your company's network for business expansion. We'll work closely with your company and help you achieve the end-results you are seeking.

Firstly, our team will understand your custom requirements for business expansion. Based on your needs, our trained in-house sales professionals will identify key expansion contacts for your company, reach out to them, pitch your opportunity, follow-up as needed, and deliver the end-results you need.

We'll work closely with your company, with full reporting back to you through a dedicated account manager.

1. End-to-end solution: We provide your company with an end-to-end expansion solution based on your custom needs. We'll work closely with you, with full reporting back to you. Our in-house team does all the work for your company to achieve the end-results that you need.

2. Exclusive global network of members: Members apply to join our expander network from all around the world, and we select only the best ones. They come to us looking for new opportunities and have agreed to review new opportunities that we present to them for our clients. This makes it easier for our in-house team to reach out to them to "pitch" your company's opportunity.

3. Qualified in-house team: Our in-house team consists of experienced and trained sales professionals who are well-qualified to pitch your opportunity to our global network of expanders, to help your company get the end-results that you need.

4. Results-oriented approach: All of the payments made to us are tied to guaranteed deliverables and results for your company, and are fully backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee. This ensures that we have a win-win model in place to help your company expand in a risk-free way.