Frequently Asked Questions

We can help your company find all the team members you need for growth and expansion in the areas you require worldwide. This includes professionals (employees, contractors, agents/reps); distributors and franchisees; investors; partners and advisors; business buyers and sellers; vendors and service providers.
Out of all the people that apply to our network, only the most qualified ones are selected to work with our companies. We perform rigorous checks in order to confirm their qualifications and work history. Though there are limits to how much checking we can do, we try to the best of our ability. If you are not satisfied in any way with a recommended team member, we'll provide you with more options.
Yes, if that's what you need. The team that we hire for your company works directly for you. We are not involved once we recruit the team for you. However, if you prefer that the team is on our payroll instead, we can arrange it that way too. Further, if you want us to manage the team for you, we can do that too. We can work out a custom solution based on your requirements.
Yes. With our global connections and presence, we can help you establish an office, and recruit the team members that you need for growth and expansion. Just let us know your custom requirements.
We have a global network of members that are looking for new opportunities to help companies grow and expand. Our exclusive network contains thousands of members and it grows everyday. Based on your custom requirements, we will put together your expansion team for you.
Please take a look at our corporate website to read about BEXPA Corporation, and to see our other targeted web portals that help companies to grow and expand worldwide.