We'll Help You Find New Franchisees or Licensees

Do you need to appoint new franchisees or licensees that can license your brand and sell your product/service in their own territory? We have a vast global network of prospective franchisees and licensees across all industries, that are looking for new franchising or licensing opportunities. ExpandTeam will provide your company with a full end-to-end solution that will result in the appointment of new franchisees or licensees.

Based on your requirements, our trained in-house sales professionals will identify the right prospective franchisees or licensees for you, reach out to them, pitch them about your brand, generate interest, and do follow-ups as needed. For the prospects that are interested in moving ahead, we'll assist you with the sign-on process to get them on-board as a new franchisee or licensee.

We'll work closely with you, with full reporting back to you, and set up a top-quality franchisee or licensee network for you to help you grow and expand into new markets and territories worldwide.

Appointing the right franchisees or licensees will surely help you take business expansion to the next level. Sign up for free, and a team member will reach out to you to discuss your expansion requirements.