The Team We Build For You

Our expert team builders will hand-pick the following kinds of team members for you from our global network, as per your business needs:

Professionals - Top-qualified pros in sales, marketing, technology, and operations. Employees, contractors, or agents/reps, as needed.

Distributors and Franchisees - Independent businesses that can promote your brand and sell your products/services in their own territory.

Investors - Top investors who can provide funding for your business. We can approach angels, VCs, or private equity, as needed.

Partners and Advisors - Like-minded and well-qualified business people who can partner in your business and share your passion.

Business Buyers and Sellers - Buyers who can purchase your business and sellers who can sell their business to you.

Vendors and Service Providers - Independent companies or individuals that can provide the products or services that you need.

How It Works

1. Sign up for free

Let us know your team needs as you complete the online registration.

2. Receive a plan

We send you a custom proposal in 1-2 business days.

3. Assemble your team

We begin the process of building your team from our network.

4. Get to work

Your team starts working for you, to expand your business.

Our Team Selection Process

Out of all the people that apply to our network, only the most qualified ones are selected to work with our companies. We perform rigorous checks in order to confirm their qualifications and work history. If you are not satisfied in any way with a recommended team member, we will provide you with more options.

Flexible Engagement Options

We employ some of the best sales and marketing people on our payroll. In case you’re not looking to hire directly, you may choose to work with our people instead. We can deploy them to work for you remotely, onsite, or out in the field. You may choose to manage them yourself, or you may opt for our outsourced sales solution, based on your requirements. Learn more.

Our Other Platforms

Our company BEXPA also owns and operates these other targeted platforms that help companies expand globally.