The Expansion Network We Build For You

Our trained in-house team will identify key expansion contacts for your company, reach out to them, pitch your opportunity, follow-up as needed, and deliver the end-results you need. We can help appoint the following types of members to your network:

Sales Representatives - Independent sales reps, sales agents, and sales agencies that can generate sales for your company in their own territory.

Distributors and Channel Partners - Independent businesses that can promote and sell your products/services in their own market.

Organizational Buyers - Companies, governments, or institutions that are looking to purchase products/services from new suppliers/vendors.

Retailers - Large or small retailers that can carry and sell your product in their brick-and-mortar stores or online.

Franchisees and Licensees - Individuals or businesses that can license your brand and sell your products/services in their own territory.

Investors - Top investors who can provide funding for your business. We can approach angels, VCs, or private equity, as needed.

Partners and Advisors - Like-minded and well-qualified business people who can partner in your business and share your passion.

Business Buyers and Sellers - Buyers who can purchase your business and sellers who can sell their business to you.

Vendors and Service Providers - Independent companies or individuals that can provide the products or services that you need.

How It Works

1. Sign up for free

Let us know your custom needs as you complete the online registration.

2. Receive a proposal

We'll send you a custom proposal in 1-3 business days.

3. We'll build your network

Our in-house team will build your network for business expansion.

Our Exclusive Network of Expanders

Members apply to join our expander network from all around the world, and we select only the best ones. They come to us looking for new opportunities and have agreed to review new opportunities that we present to them for our clients. This makes it easier for our in-house team to reach out to them to pitch your company's opportunity.

A Results-Oriented and Risk-Free Approach

All of the payments made to us are tied to guaranteed deliverables and results for your company, and are fully backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee. This ensures that we have a win-win model in place to help your company expand in a risk-free way.

About Our Company

Our company BEXPA Corporation also owns and operates these other targeted platforms that help companies expand globally.